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Altimco Ltd owns the 99,6% of a manufacturing company called AGRIPEL S.A. based in Alexandria, Egypt which operates in the energy sector.

AGRIPEL S.A. produces biomass pellets using agricultural residues mainly coming out of rice.

  • The premises of Agripel S.A. are located in a private own land of 42.000sq.m. in Mutubis (70km from Alexandria).
  • The total annual production capacity of the plant is 60.000 tones of pellets.
  • Pellets belong to the category of renewable energy sources of biomass and can be produced from residues of agricultural products such as rice husk, corn, wood, etc, and are used for the production of thermal and electrical energy.
  • It is a new kind of fuel which meets the demand for clean and cheap energy.
  • The estimated reduction on the price of thermal energy is 45-55% compared to oil.
  • The calorific value of rice straw / husk pellets is about 15 - 16 MJ/KG.
  • 2 kg of pellets are equal to 1 lt. of oil.
  • The rise husk pellets are produced in a compressed form and they come in sizes ranging from 6mm-8mm diameter and 10mm-50mm length.
  • Rice husk pellets have an important advantage regarding the remaining ash which is generated after their burn (20 – 25%).
  • Rice hush ash is very rich in silica (92-95%), a substance which has many applications, from building materials to the precious silicon chip.

Altimco Ltd., is the exclusive dealer of AGRIPEL’s pellets for Europe.

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